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i need you. i love you all !

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Aug 21, 2010

i'm here for you.
i'm here want to live with you.
i'm here already to help you.
i'm here just a fried that can meet you at school.
i'm here always be The Best of all your fren.
hem, oh no. i don't know what happen now. i think i can be a good fren for her. but, now? it changed. it just like a dream n can't happen. as long as, i Happy because have a fren like you all. you all always make me laugh n make me like a Crazy Girl. haha, :D everyday, we always laugh untill the tears come down. :( but, now I really2 hope that our relationship are everlasting forever... [: love u all, tahu? hehe, i'm so sorry if my Joke make u angry n sad. i'm so sorry. in my mind, just one. i want all of us Happy and far away from any problems and anything can make us boring! i hope this relationship can be a Good Memory untill we died. i don't want we fight together or have a problems. pleasee..... :( it can make me sad n want to Cry!  i love u all.  hope all of us can have a good life n Be a Success woman. :D and our posivtive dreams come Really..
haha, sayaa speaking sudaa. [: maaf, kalau ada salah bahasa. ey korng! hope kita jadi kawan selamanya.
korng The Best! Good Luck SPM 2011. :D


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